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Student Book Reviews

What book should I read next?

A big question...Well, here you can find out what your friends are reading and what they think of the books.

A Walk To Remember, Nicholas Sparks

walktoremember.jpgReviewed by Lupita Serrano

“A Walk to remember” by Nicholas Sparks will make you cry, laugh, and fall in love with it over and over again. It all begins in High School with too very different teenage opposites, Jamie and Landon. Jamie and Landon believe that they have nothing in common and that they are very different from each other because the way they dress, act and the people that they hang out with. They are soon to find out that they are ment to be.

Landon is the type of guy described as “cool”. Jamie, on the other hand, is sweet, caring, and really religious, since her father is the reverend of their hometown. Landon and his friends make fun of Jamie because of the way she dresses since she is still so old fashion. The reason that Jamie is still old fashion is because her mother passed away when she was giving birth to Jamie. Jamie has learned the hard way that it was not her fault for her mother’s death because that was God’s word.

Landon is soon to be put in a difficult situation where in order to graduate he has to get one more credit and the only class open is Drama. He has to do a school play in order to get the credit that he needs and graduate. Since Jamie Jamie is in Drama and she is really good in plays Landon decides to ask her for help and she accepts but she only has one promise that he needs to make,” Don’t fall in love with me”. Landon finds it funny and agrees. One thing that he does not know is that faith will do something else.

“A Walk To Remember” is a really emotional story to me. I never thought that I could actually cry by reading a book. I absolutely loved how Sparks wrote “A Walk To Remember” and the way that he described each character made the book so alive. I actually felt I was experiencing and feeling what they were going through. This book is five stars, I really recommend it.

A Mid-semesters Night’s Dream, Margaret Meacham


Reviewed by Esbeidy Vargas

A Mid-semesters Night’s Dream by Margaret Meacham is a fictional story about a girl and a fairy. Megan is a very nice girl who lives in New York City. She has a very boring skinny figure, brown eyes, and brown hair and she wants a makeover. Gretta, the fairy, is sent by the Board of Elder Fairies. Megan loses her mom when she is about two years old. She wants a makeover and needs help. She can’t ask her dad because he doesn’t know much about fashion. That’s when Gretta, a fairy-godmother-in-training, comes to the rescue. Megan wants Ben, the guy that she likes at school, to notice her. She also wants to go with him to the school dance.

Gretta makes love charms guaranteed to make Ben fall madly in love with Megan. In the first attempt, she makes a pot

ion that causes Megan to be allergic to Ben. It fails. She makes a second potion that turns Megan blue. On the third try, she puts a spell on Megan’s best friend, Sam. Megan and Gretta get into a lot of trouble. Sam falls in love with a school teacher, Mrs. Grossinger (Mrs.G). Sam wants to go with her to the school dance. Megan gets really mad at Gretta and tells her “you could have asked me before putting your stupid spells on Sam instead of Ben” (104). Gretta gets offended and goes home. Later on Megan goes home and apologizes to her.

 The next day at school Megan tries to ask Ben to the dance, but she heard Cierra Sinclair saying she was going to go with to the dance with him. Megan and Gretta are planning to undo the spell on that same day at the dance. It was more difficult then they thought it would be because Sam had asked Mrs. Grossinger out to dance. Sam and Mrs. G have to drink a reversal elixir so the spell can be put off. They gave both of them a glass of punch on which Megan had put the elixir. “Sam lifted the glass and drank the punch. He blinked shook his head, staring at Mrs. G as if he wasn’t sure what she sure what she was doing there” (131).

Ben asks Megan out to dance with him, but she says no. He gets really upset and walks slowly to the door of the gym. Megan thought it was one of Gretta’s spells that made Ben ask her out to dance. She thought about all the spells that she and Gretta used on people and realizes that she does not want Ben to fall in love with her that way. Then she asks Gretta if she had put a spell on Ben that made him ask her out to dance and she says no. Megan goes looking for Ben and finds him outside of the gym waiting for his mom to come pick him up. But then they start talking. Megan tells Ben that she does want to dance with him. They go back to the dance.
This story is very interesting because it has a fairy that is assigned to help humans with love problems and they get into a lot of trouble making potions. In short, this is a story about a fairy-godmother-in-training that is helping Megan to make Ben fall in love with her. “The moon was full, and the warm breeze whispered softly through the new spring leaves as Morgan and Ben said good night” (136). Do you think Megan and Ben get to dance at the end?

When the World Stopped, Anne Schraff

when.jpgReviewed by My-Hanh Phan

Set in Bunche High School, Anne Schraff’s novel, When the World Stopped, is the story of Mark and his haunting memory of the night that his mother died twelve years ago.

Mark is a teenager in high school, and he lives with his family. He wonders who murdered his mother. He tries to figure out a lot more information about his mother’s murder that night at his house. Mark begins to think his father is a murderer, but he does not remember since he was at four years old at the time. Mark and his father have a fight about the events that lead up to the murder.

Mark is dating Share, but she is also dating someone else. Mark does know how he can continue to love as he finds out she is dating someone else. Share denies that she is dating someone else. The two of them have an awful of fight at school. Mark say: “I especially don’t need a two-faced girl like you.  Tears began rolling down Share’s face. Oh, M-Mark, she wept; I really do care about you. I never meant to hurt you” (44). Share thinks she will never hurt Mark, and he cannot trust Share anymore. They break up.

Mark is afraid that perhaps his father killed his mother. This upsets his father, and he throws Mark out of the house. Now, Mark is forced to take care of himself, and moves in with his grandparents. He wants to know who murdered his mother. He and his grandfather try to find out who did it and begin investigating on their own. They drive to his neighbor’s house to ask some questions. They know that the neighbor girl saw everything that night. She gives a good description of the murderer. Mark and his grandfather now believe the murderer is not Mark’s father, and there is evidence to prove it.
This book illustrates how the past can influence one’s present. I like how novel illustrates how Mark grows from a nerdy teenager to a young man. I was excited to find out who committed the crime. I like the writing style and would not change anything. It is a wonderful mystery. The author does a good job because it is interesting and to easy to understand. Anyone who reads this book will want to know who murdered Mark’s mother. I recommend this book to others.                     

No Body's Perfect, Kimberly Kirberger

nobodysperfect.gifReviewed By: Adelene Villegas

This story is about a girl named Candice. She has a weight problem. Everyone said bad things about her but she never defended herself because she didn’t know how. They called her names such as Lardo, Wide Load, and the Candy Terminator. She felt very sad about it. Her mom tried to help her.

It was not very normal for 13 years old to weigh150 pounds and to be 5 feet tall. She was a really big girl. She even called herself fat. But her parents were really strange and they didn’t like to hear her daughter call herself fat.

Read this book to learn what happens. I think you’ll enjoy it as I did.

Life Freaks Me Out, K.L. Hong

Life Freaks Me Out, K.L. HongReviewed By: Anayeli Capetillo

Life Freaks Me Out is so interesting. This book helps teenagers to make good choices every day in different situations. The book contains professional opinions. This book also expresses how a person can feel better when he has problems. When you read this book it makes you think you’re talking with other young girls. This book makes you think about what matters to you, and what you are doing on this planet!

Take your place, relax, and read this book to help you make better choices.

No Body's Perfect, Kimberly Kirberger

nobodysperfect.gifReviewed By: Anhthy Tran

Kimberly Kirberger’s Nobody Perfect is a collection of stories, but my favorite story is “Lost in a Sea of Faces.” This story is about Tiffany, a senior who was crowned Homecoming Queen, an honor given to her by friends and peers. Before she became Homecoming Queen, nobody wanted to hang out with her. When she became a Homecoming Queen, everybody talked  to her and they invited Tiffany to go to a party. But she didn’t know what the reason was. When she was in elementary school, she was harassed for her buckteeth and flat chest, tormented by the boys for being ugly, and mocked by the girls for being gentle. I think the way Tiffany thought is right. I never have done anything like that but I empathize with Tiffany. I like this book because it has a lot of stories about teenagers. I will tell my friends to read this book. When I read this book I wanted to keep reading and reading.

Tears of a Tiger, Sharon Draper

tearstiger.gifReviewed By: Cristina Campa

This book is about. Andy Jackson who was driving the car that crashed one night after a game, killing Robert Washington. Roberto was his best friend and the captain of the Hazelwood High Tigers .It was late and they’d been drinking. They were celebrating a basketball victory. Months later Andy can’t stop blaming himself. He turns away from family, friends, and even his girlfriend. He finds difficult to face the future. I really liked this book and recommend it to other high school students.  Reviewed by: Cristina Campa interesting I love this book, and I recommend it because it is a very good story.

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Web of Lies, Anne Schrarff

Web of LifeReviewed by Duc Phan

Set in a middle-class suburb, Anne Schraff’s novel Web of Lies is a mystery about one happy family. The main character is Shane, who is a fourteen year old boy. Burnette is the antagonist and a playboy. He kills his wife to get life insurance money. He wants to receive the maximum amount of money from his wife’s insurance.

Shane’s father dies while fighting in the Vietnam War. For Shane, his father is a hero. When his dad dies, Shane and his family are left sad and lonely. Shane feels bored and uncomfortable about what has happened to his family. He wants go to his grandpa’s house to live.

Everyday Burnette walks to Shane’s school because he doesn’t have a job. One day Shane’s mother goes to school to pick up Shane and meets Burnette for the first time. She falls in love with him immediately. They meet every day at the school. Shane feels badly about his mom because Shane knows Burnette is a playboy. Shane doesn’t want a new father and suspects something strange about Burnette. Despite Shane’s warning, his mom and Burnette become a couple.

 “So one day, upon Shane’s grandparents’ death, a million dollars would go to Shane’s mom and her brother. Shane figured that Burnette knew about that, and that was the reason he was probably raking in good money now on his dirty deals, but he wanted more” (9). Shane feels his mom will end up like Burnette first wife, dead. So, Shane collects information about Burnette from his friends in order to cause a break up between the two. One day, Shane mom’s throws a party, and Burnette and Shane quarrel. At the party, Shane overhears a conversation about Burnette’s dead wife. This conversation implicates Burnette. Shane calls the police and tells them about what he had overheard.

This book is about greed and deception. It illustrates the importance of family and had highlights the dangers of love. I agree with Shane actions to protect his family. I like this book a lot because it makes me understand the power of money. Many people want to live a wealthy lifestyle and are willing to kill to have it. I think the author did very good job in writing in this story, I would not change anything in this story. If you are interested in finding out if it is a happy or unhappy ending, I suggest you should read Web of Life.

Speak, Laurie Halse Anderson

speak.jpgReviewed by Chantal Trujillo

The title of the book is called Speak and the author is Laurie Halse Anderson. The theme of the story is to always speak up even if you are going through hard times. This book can teach you about when to speak up and not be afraid.

The story in this book is about a teenage girl named Melinda and the troubles she goes through. Melinda has just started her freshman year and is now no longer friends with her best friends because of what happened over the summer. At school, there is one girl named Heather that befriends her. They spend lots of time together. Melinda stays to herself and doesn't want to make new friends or try and talk to the old ones. She has an art class and begins to find it very interesting. Melinda has to work on a project the whole year and her subject is a tree. It’s the one place where she can express her feelings. Her teacher starts to notice the progress she's making but it's still hard for her to focus because she keeps thinking about “IT”. Heather is noticing something is wrong with Melinda because she acts weird and she never tells her anything of what she is feeling. Melinda wants to talk but she feels like she can't. Heather gets really angry with her and basically says they're very different from each other. Melinda asks “You mean we're not friends anymore” (105). Heather replies, “We were never really friends were we?” (105). So Melinda loses the only friend she has.

While she's trying to avoid “IT”, she keeps running into him and the situation. “IT's” name is Andy Evans, and he is dating her ex best friend named Rachel. Melinda becomes afraid and tries to avoid the memories of this one summer night. Melinda and her friends were at a summer house party and they're all drinking and having a good time. She takes a walk outside to get fresh air and hears something at the barn next to the house. It is Andy, and he starts to talk to Melinda. He makes her feel good by making her believe he really likes her. After Melinda keeps telling Andy no, he takes advantage of her. None of her friends know what happened to her at that party that night. All they know is Melinda ends up calling the cops that night. Melinda knows she has to tell Rachel that Andy is no good because she doesn't want anything bad to happen to her because she cares about Rachel.

One day Melinda is in the school library with Rachel and she thinks it's the perfect time to let Rachel know about Andy. Melinda is sitting by Rachel, so she writes her a note saying she's sorry for calling the cops at the party. Rachel writes back and says what really happened that night and why did she call the cops. Melinda tells her the story, and Rachel feels horrible and apologizes. Rachel asked who did that to her and Melinda says Andy Evans. Rachel says, “Liar! I can't believe you. You’re jealous. Your a twisted little freak.”(184). Melinda walks away with disappointment that Rachel didn't believe her. A couple days later Melinda is at school, and she walks to the school closet where she liked to hide. The next thing she hears is the closet door shut and sees Andy Evans. He is so mad that she told Rachel and traps her in the school closet. Melinda senses Andy is about to do something evil, so she screams and tries to get away. The student at the school find out she was telling the truth about everything. Melinda spoke up.

I found it very interesting. I started to read the book and I wanted to see what would happen next, so I kept reading. I wanted to finish the whole book. It's not like any other book, it has dialogue in it and it shows who is saying what. You can understand everything that is happening. I didn't get confused at all. I recommend this book to anyone that is hiding something or wanting to get out of a situation that is similar. Every teenage girl should read it because I know high school is hard. More people struggle more than other but this book teaches you how to speak up.

The Return of the King: The Lord of the Rings, Part 3, J.R.R Tolkien

lord.jpgReviewed by Bailey Wilder

The Return of the King: The Lord of the Rings, Part 3,is a very mystical journey through a science fiction novel by J.R.R Tolkien. Our fellow characters, Frodo, Sam, Aragorn, Merry, Pippen, and Gandalf travel and sleep in a mystic forest where they are followed and watched by the “All Seeing Eyes”. The “All Seeing Eyes” is what the Dark Lord uses to see Frodo and his friends as they come closer to Morodor. Gandalf, who is the sorcerer, helps Frodo and his clan of hobbits by showing them his infinite knowledge about the hobbit world. Gandalf is talking to Frodo and says, “Such counsels will make the enemy’s victory certain indeed” (129).

During this travel, Frodo is on a mission to destroy the ring, and to once and for all get rid of the evil in their world. Gandalf sets Frodo and Sam on the path to the top of Morodor mountain and throw the ring in the lava from which they had came from. The days and nights during their travel seem to be prolonged and it becomes harsh as the winter itself turns violent. Aragorn is the new found heir of the Ancient Kings of the West. Aragorn gets together with a group called the “Riders of Rohan” and defeats Hornburg. He makes new peace with the victory of Hornburg.

Merry and Pippen, become captives by the evil beings called Orcs. They take the two to the forest, Fangorn, and accidentally run into the Ents whom they eventually have a battle with. The Orcs never reach the city. Frodo now set on destroying the evil, is now faced with the evil doer, Dark Lord, who tries to take the ring away. With Sam’s help the two are able to reach Morodor after Sam rescues Frodo from captivity. “What’s the matter Mr. Frodo? asks Sam. Frodo replies to Sam saying, I am wounded, wounded it will never really heal” (305). I took interest in what Frodo says because to me that’s the truth. Once you’re wounded it doesn’t heal, it only scars. The “All Seeing Eyes” know Frodo’s whereabouts as he does take the journey full heartedly, for his fellow hobbits back home.

The Dark Lord has ventured into Frodo’s mind, and has made him do awful things such as put on the ring himself. As in the first two novels, we find out that the ring makes Frodo very unstable and makes him lose his sense of humanity. Only people with a strong will power are able to save themselves from the evil. The easily tempted weak people lose tract of their goals and aspirations. Frodo is a weak soul that lets temptation override his strengths in doing what’s right. Gandalf falls into the cracks of doom and is believed to be dead but they don’t know that Gandalf maybe there when they need him the most.
The Return of the King has a very powerful story line. This story has sparked my interest into the science fiction world! I enjoyed every single part of this book and you will too.  If you enjoy adventure and if your backyard isn’t big enough to have your own, let The Return of the King be your adventure. You will not be 

Tears of a Tiger, Sharon Draper

tearstiger.gifReviewed By Griselda Munoz

This story is a drama. Some teenagers crashed one night after a game. They are from Hazelwood high school. They were drinking. But who called the police and the parents?Who died in tha accident?. Those in theaccidentcried for help. They didn’t undestand what had happened and why they were involved in the accident. This accidentwas predicted in a homework assigment two boys had done. The accident was reported in all the newspapers. Read the book to learn what happens.IT’S EXCELLENT.

Death Wind, William Wind

deathwind.gifReviewed By:Carlos Guevara

The book Death Wind is excellent. The book revolves around the complicated lives of Allie and Razz, two friends. They have been friends for eight years. Allie has problems with his family and she escape from her house leaving a note. Her parents argue about her. Allie escape’s with Razz, her best friend. They both have emotional scars brought on by parents that don’t express love.

I think any high school student would enjoy the book.

Chat Room, Kristin Butcher

chatroom.gifReviewed By: Claudia Fernandez
The book Chat Room is a book that is not only a quick book to read, but a good one as well. This book is about one girl whose name is Linda. She is a very shy girl. She gets very involved at school. When her high school sets up an online chat room she can’t resist visiting it. Linda participates in online conversation using the nickname “Roxanne”. One day Linda starts receiving gifts from a secret admirer who signs his gift “C”. The time passes and the secret admire sends flowers and other gifts. She finds out the truth about that admirer. “C” was for Cyrano, the boy with whom she was talking all this long time. interesting I love this book, and I recommend it because it is a very story.

Stone Cold, Steve Austin

stonecold.gifReviewed By Favian Madrid

The book Stone Cold Pre Wrestler Steve Austin by Michael Burgan is about the Wrestler Steve Austin also know as Stone Cold Steve Austin. The book tells his life story and how he became a Pro Wrestler in the WWF Federation. He began to wrestle as a little boy. When he got bigger he got his nickname for the way he was in the ring. He didn’t show any mercy. It was Stone Cold, Stone Cold is not my favorite wrestler, but he is one of the best that ever lived. I give this book three stars because it was a good book. I liked it because it related many obstacles in his life. I kind of recommend this book to anyone who would like to learn about the life of a pro-wrestler. Reviewed by: Cristina Campa interesting I love this book, and I recommend it because it is a very good story.